Has anybody ever worked with a customer that has t...
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Has anybody ever worked with a customer that has thousands of online sales all under one ‘online’ customer and wanted to start tracking support cases? We need a way to identify the ‘contact’ on cases so they can start building history but I’m concerned about scalability if it’s all under one customer (50 new cases per week….means potentially 2500 contacts under one customer after a year…) The option to create sub-customers under the ‘Online’ customer after each purchase is not on the table due to the details of the current integration, so I’m looking for other approaches that this group has seen/used…ideally successfully. 🙂 One decidedly lo-fi idea I’m bashing around is to just train CSRs to create contacts under the Online customer, but use a default view for the Contacts sublist that hides any contact without a case in the last x months and recommend a scheduled business review every x months to identify and inactivate stale contacts….so if there’s a hole in this idea that would ALSO be great to know
I think you can create contacts under a sales order without having it be associated to the customer. Might be better off that way
I could be very wrong though.
Haven't had a good reason to do that.
Hmm....interesting angle. I’ll look into it. Thanks!