I know I've seen this question before asked by oth...
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I know I've seen this question before asked by others, but I can't find the answer, so I'll ask here again (sorry for the repeat). A question I have had is can we have different quantity price breaks for PURCHASING products, like we do for Selling products. Do you know if that is possible? Like a vendor giving us a price break for purchases of large quantities.
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Associating Multiple Vendors with an Item
After you have created a vendor record, you can select that vendor on an item record to associate the vendor with the item.

To associate multiple vendors with an item:
Go to Lists > Accounting > Items.

Click Edit next to an item.

On the Purchasing/Inventory subtab, click the Vendors subtab.

In the Vendor column, choose a vendor.

If you use OneWorld and the vendor you select is shared with multiple subsidiaries, you can add the vendor multiple times and specify an item price for each subsidiary level. This enables you to set a different item price per subsidiary to the same item record. For more information about globally shared vendor records, see Assigning Subsidiaries to a Vendor.

For each vendor, you can identify the following (depending on the features enabled in your account):

Code - Enter this vendor's code for this item.

Currency - Choose a currency. If you use the Multiple Currencies feature, this column is not shown. You can enter prices in multiple currencies in the Purchase Price column.

If both the Multiple Vendors and Multiple Currencies features are enabled, when you associate a vendor as preferred for an item and then subsequently change the vendor’s primary currency, the new primary currency is kept and calculates a price for the item.

Note Using OneWorld, the purchase price for an item uses the designated currency of the preferred vendor.
If an item has more then one vendor but no designated preferred vendor, then the currency is based on the subsidiary of the most-recently added preferred vendor.

You should associate one or more vendors with an item including a currency and purchase price for each vendor. This helps ensure that the correct purchase price is used on purchase orders for each vendor.

Schedule - Select a quantity pricing schedule, if you use them.

Preferred - Check the box to identify the vendor as the preferred vendor. The preferred vendor defaults to show on forms when the item is added.

When using the Order Items form, if a preferred vendor is associated with an item, it defaults on each line when the item is added.

When viewing the item list, the preferred vendor associated with the item shows by default.

If an item has a preferred vendor, then the purchase price is shown on the item record in the preferred vendor currency.

Purchase Price - Enter the price you pay this vendor for this item.

If you use the Multiple Currencies feature, click Set , and enter the prices for this vendor's transaction currencies. For more information, see Multiple Currencies and Vendors.

Click Add.

Repeat these steps for each vendor you want to associate with this item.

Click Save.

After vendor information is entered for items, it is used on forms and transactions where the item appears.
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Schedule - Select a quantity pricing schedule, if you use them
ah... "The Maven" strikes again. Thank you sir!
i'll look into this.
I wouldn't have thought of it as a "schedule" which is probably why it didn't come up
so, followup question @KevinJ of Kansas In my vendor profile I see "Pricing Schedule", but it says "No records to show" and I can't edit/add any. Is this feature only available with certain add-on packages?
I am unsure of how to create a pricing schedule
for the vendor side
That's OK. A pseudo quick Google search has me going. Thanks again for the pointer to research anyway!