Does OneWorld limit the amount of foreign subsidia...
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Does OneWorld limit the amount of foreign subsidiaries?
I think it depends on what is provisioned to your account. Check under Setup > Company > Billing Information.
Thanks mate
that page doesn't show how many subs for a foreign currency we can create
the license partner is saying we need more licensing - what's the point in OneWorld then?
Subsidiary Count 31 Subsidiary Country Limit 2 Doesn't tell me why my 11 AUD subs are fine but my 2 NZD ones aren't. I can only create one new zealand sub.
@Craig Interestingly my Subsid Country Limit is blank for 'Current Provisioned Qty' but also 2 for 'Current Used Qty' See excerpt/link below from "Subsidiaries in OneWorld" help centre page
Subsidiary licenses are sold on a per-country basis. You can have 125 subsidiaries in your OneWorld account, including the root subsidiary.
@David B thanks for the link. We've got lots of AUD subs and one NZD sub, as soon as I add a second NZD sub it's gives a warning / error about needing more license!
I'm hoping this is just a provisioning issue rather than needing to pay more.
they still lock the number of subsidiaries, but their new charging model is based on the combination of subsidiary country and currency So if you have 10 Aus AUD subsidiaries and two New Zealand NZD subsidiaries you pay for two country/currency combinations. Having said that, they are also still enforcing a "number of subsidiaries" restriction. You can reach out to your account manager and they should be able to licence additional subs for free, as long as they are AU AUD or NZ NZD
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I would expect the system would also complian if you tried to create a new AU AUD subsidiary - I'm guessing you've hit your limit
I can create more AUD subs without the error
we've got 11 already
that's really weird
yeah, hence why I think it could be a provisioning issue
I don't see why we can only have one NZD sub.
either way I'd say contact your account manager. It's possible they've slightly updated the licencing so you can create unlimited when they're in the same country and currency as your root subsidiary, but I would be surprised
Unless your other NZD sub has a country of "Australia"?
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I'd not seen the 125 subsidiary limit before though. This could be problematic for us... 😬
Our account manager left - we're chasing down the new one
NS sometimes don't give a F...
I find it helps to have these problems around contract renewal time...funnily enough they can move heaven and earth in that one month... 🙄
So here's the NetSuite answer
with oneworld, you get two countries with unlimited SUBS, your parent and another of your choice - any further countries require license changes.
Not being able to create a second NZD sub is a defect for us
@Jon Kears @David B @Luis in case you're wondering.
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