Hi. What would be the easiest to monitor Available...
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Hi. What would be the easiest to monitor Available Qty in a location and update a field if the avail qty changes? Workflow or Scripts ( Script to trigger then on all transaction types after submit )
Scheduled script to run every 15 mins
we did it for inventory adjustments where we created new columns
for before quantity, after quantity, and adjusted quantity. and then plan to use those as a trigger for a search
Out of curiosity, what is the root problem you are actually trying to solve? Leo's recommendation is safest and simplest, but it won't be real time. You could also do what you suggested (after submit) - but after submit would fail to handle Deletion/Void and CSV Imports/Updates without scripts enabled. You could also do both... Workflow doesn't handle line level details so well, so without scripts involved I don't think this is an option yet. If you must implement a solution I'd go with just a scheduled script to avoid extra complexity and long term maintenance.
Want to update custom B2B stock Messages on the SCA. in Stock , Out of Stock, Limited stock , Pre Order etc.. Was going to use a list for the statuses and changes status if needed when stock moves on a item.