Hi all, I'm very curious here in regards to negati...
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Hi all, I'm very curious here in regards to negative inventory. Apparently, somehow NS allows inventory quantity to become negative. I already browse here and there, and found a SuiteBundle to prevent this. Nonetheless, the SuiteBundle still didn't prevent negative quantity during Sales Item Fullfilment. Anyone had any knowledge about this? Thanks.
Take a look at your fulfillment preferences
Hi Battk, thanks for your advice. Under the Fulfillment which located in Accounting Preference - Order Management, I can only find options to
1. fullfill based on commitment . 2. Default items to zero 3. Allow overage. 4. Send order fulfill through email and lastly 5. use website template
I cannot find option to block negative inventory here
depending on how your preferences are setup, it can allow you to fulfill beyond committed, which can lead to negative inventory
transaction deletion can also lead to this issue. The best way to find the culprit is to look at the item record and trace back through the history of the related records to see where things stop making sense. If the inventory is negative, then the item cannot be fulfilled. Therefore, if you see fulfillments at a time when the inventory appears that it would have been negative based on the history then you can expect something was deleted. Concern is relative to the # of cooks in the kitchen w/ the privilege to do so... If deletion isn't the cause, then the history of related transactions should tell the full story