Has anyone had experience with on-site backups of ...
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Has anyone had experience with on-site backups of NetSuite data? And yes, I understand the irony of asking for an on-site backup of a cloud system.
I use SuiteAnalytics Connect (OBDC) and SSIS to pull down all the data from every table on a schedule. It's not perfect but i think it's the easiest option for a full backup.
Reach out to @Josh_SatoriReporting at Tactical Connect. He'll sort you out on a scheduled export of your NetSuite data
Yes! We have a turnkey solution to extract your NetSuite data into a replicated data model that is use able in Power BI. Check out the demo video on our homepage: www.satoritechllc.com
What is the business case? Are you just wanting a backup of data for easy reporting, or are you wanting to push it back into NetSuite in case someone does something really bad?
Thanks for the help everybody! @Josh_SatoriReporting, we will check our the demo and discuss with our client. I will circle back in the next day or two.
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