Hello! I need to have custom forms default and rem...
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Hello! I need to have custom forms default and remain with an entity record when saved. The form needs to be specific to the subsidiary (OneWorld account) and default as the preferred form based on the user/role subsidiary. I have set the forms to save with records, ensured the roles have only the subsidiary form desired selected in the role permissions, yet the forms are not defaulting based on the subsidiary/role. Any ideas how to get this to work? Or does it require scripting or a workflow?
Hi Renee, I had this issue too with custom Sales Order forms, and it turned out that for me it was that my "new sales order" shortcut was fixed on another type of form. In other words, if you have any links or shortcuts worked into existing processes, these seem to take whatever custom form was initially selected, not the preferred one. All I had to do was delete the old shortcut and make a new one. Hopefully that's helpful.
@Brad Wentworth - that is helpful, thank you, Brad!