hi all - I have a lot of questions around costing ...
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hi all - I have a lot of questions around costing in NetSuite and I was wondering if anyone with a lot of experience w/ cost accounting / standard costs would be open to having me ask a lot of simple questions?
Hi, feel free to ask away simple smile
Awesome - appreciate it. My first question - we have high dollar value systems we sell. They are reasonably complex (10s-100 different items in BOM). We are planning to use Standard Costing 1. Outsourcing - We use contract labor and are planning to use the new Outsourcing feature. However, it seems this does not play nice with Standard Costs in terms of including Labor... Am I missing something here? 2. Landed Costs - Landed Costs are a reasonably small % of total cost (5-10%?) - the landed cost feature seems like it has a ton of clicks to add it in a PO and a ton of estimation by the user to enter the right info - is this worth the hassle? 3. Given the above situation - high dollar products with complex BOMs - should I be even attempting to use Standard Costs? The company is young, NetSuite will be our first ERP. We have a decent amount of custom flows for sales orders and on our inventory receiving side (i.e. buying raw materials for our contract manufacturers on different POs, etc.)