By default the Case Message field (id: incomingmes...
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By default the Case Message field (id: incomingmessage) is hidden in view mode even if it is set when the case is created. When I edit the case I can see it. It's also not mentioned in the system notes when it is set. This seems stupid. How can I make it visible in view mode? (On the form, it is set to be visible all the time, as far as I can see.)
If I understand your question correctly, I think you just need to toggle your view under Messages to Case Default. Hope that helps.
Hi, thank you for your reply. I meant this
And I don't have a Messages list like in your screenshot, not on any of the subtabs
Sorry, it was permissions. I'm a fool
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Too used to working as Administrator but I have a newish customer where I suggested that I use the Developer role instead...
Ah, right on! Always nice when its an easy solution. Cheers!