# suite-app


05/04/2022, 2:30 PM
I'm re-considering my thoughts on the SDN program and NetSuite's new process for SuiteApps. They have a new process that takes forever and you have to jump through hoops and get pre-approved. If your app doesn't make it you don't receive the badge for BFN. Without that badge you cannot use the Control Center for distribution. Even if you do make it, the SDN's SuiteApps Manager is a mess. The SuiteApp Marketplace and their site pull SEO data from different fields and is inconsistent. They say you get a lot of help with marketing and sales leads but we just haven't seen much from that. With the fact they want to get rid of bundles and are pushing SDF, how is everyone else distributing their apps moving forward? Any good solutions out there or do I make my own? My little rant is done but the fight is not over.