06/16/2022, 9:16 AM
Marketing Email Preferences - Sending to customers We want to send email to customers/contacts to ask them to update/confirm their subscription preferences. We are following this guide. Questions:1. Can we set the 'Sender' email address on the Mass Update? We don't want the emails to be sent from a user, but rather the generic marketing email address we use (same one we use went sending Campaign emails). We can use Workflow (rather than mass update) which allows us to set the 'email from' but we cannot add the url to link to the subscription preferences. 2. When the user clicks on the link on the email they are taken to the generic Email Subscription Preferences page. I know this page is not customisable. It looks awful. Has anyone found a solution to send customers to a better company branded page, but still allow for Preferences to be changed?https://accountid.extforms.netsuite.com/app/crm/marketing/campaignlistener.nl Any guidance and help is appreciated. Thanks