Hey folks! Does anyone have experience or advice a...
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Hey folks! Does anyone have experience or advice acquiring a NetSuite sandbox to test integration development on? We don't use NetSuite internally but are developing an integration for a partner. Help is much appreciated 🙏
Sandbox comes with a cost. If you are working with an official NetSuite partner, they should be able to procure a test environment from their channel manager.
Ah got it thank you! Is this the same as a development account?
There are three kind of NS accounts : Development, Sandbox, Production. From the functionality side they are the same. Sandox is copy of production database. An admin has permission to initiate refreshing data (copy) from Production database (account). For you as developers there are a few important notice : Sandbox account never send email to the real receipt address, to prevent "test" or fake documents to be sent to the real customer or person. It always will be redirected back to sender
Got it, super useful to know. Thanks @Zoran R-DATAGRAM!