# integrations

Alli Deacon

03/29/2022, 6:19 PM
I am having no luck getting Access Tokens created using my Administrator Account. I have all of the necessary permissions, REST is enabled, SuiteScript is enabled, Token Based Auth is enabled. When I go to add the Token, the Integration is there, but no users are showing to assign the token to. Am I missing some other setup piece? Thanks in advance!

Edgar Valdés

03/29/2022, 7:27 PM
To create a Token for you Admin user, set it up from link that appears in the frontpage

Eric B

03/29/2022, 7:46 PM
Best practice is to create an integration user with the integration role for an integration record.

Alli Deacon

03/29/2022, 8:04 PM
Thanks @Edgar Valdés! I was actually attempting to follow the Best Practice as @Eric B suggested. But I'm not able to see any users, even when I setup an 'Integration Role' and assigned it to my user (which is what I have done on other integrations for other clients in production).


03/31/2022, 3:35 PM
Does your role have "Login using Access Token" permission? If so, has the role been assigned to a user?

Alli Deacon

03/31/2022, 7:49 PM
I wasn't able to create and/or edit user roles. I've gotten my client to grant the appropriate permissions/roles and this has been resolved. Thanks all
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