Trying to use an SDF project to move a dataset and...
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Trying to use an SDF project to move a dataset and workbook from sandbox to production (first time working with those objects). Validation fails when I try to deploy with this message:
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Details: All term references must be to terms in translationcollection objects in the same SDF project. Terms cannot be referenced in other SDF projects, bundles, or SuiteApps.
objects referenced in the manifest are part of the project. I'm not sure what else to check. Is that error familiar to anyone?
I tried to do the same thing : copy dataset definition (without workbook) from Sandbox to Production account and at the end of story, concluded it is not possible
I found the requirement of having both in the documentation and created a workbook that I don't need. I was hoping that would do the trick but no luck. At this point it's probably quicker to spend the time to recreate the dataset in prod. Not efficient but deadline trumps in this case.