Why is it worth it to use suiteanalytics if excel ...
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Why is it worth it to use suiteanalytics if excel is so much more powerful?
I'm wondering the same. The only advantage that I can think of is being able to see the output in NetSuite itself (e.g., dashboards). Plus it doesn't have the special functionalities of saved searches. Alert. Scheduled email. Sublist. Etc. I'm just not sure about the SuiteScript side.
Maintenance-wise, it’s way much better, especially if you’re working in a large organization. If you use SuiteAnalytics, all users are looking at the same set of most up-to-date information. Managing this in Excel will be very prone to user errors.
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If it didn't suck as tool so much, I'd be on the analytics bandwagon. Saved searches are my jam.
Saved Search + Power Query in Excel is 90% of my day.
I love Power Query. I only discovered it last year. Can't wait till it's more broadly available. I wrote a few articles on our support site on how I've used it. Here, here, and here. The articles also show how our CloudExtend app can integrate with it but a novice to PQ might still get something out of these.
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Also, not everyone has Excel, as hard as that may be to believe.
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Welp! This is why we use Power BI. It is like workbooks, searches and excel made a baby! I've personally implemented NetSuite over 100 times and we built our prebuilt netsuite reporting solution in Power BI for the reasons you are all chatting about.