I have deployed the extension using `gulp extensio...
# suitecommerce
I have deployed the extension using
gulp extension:deploy
command and activated the extension but I can’t see the changes on the frontend. Do I need to clear cache somewhere? I have tried in incognito mode as well in different browsers.
Yes, do a cache invalidation request
I did that but no luck
@Steve Goldberg Can I make changes directly to the files from the file cabinet? instead of extension:deploy?
I can see a lot of folders with different versions in Deploy_Extensions directory. So, I have to make changes in the latest version?
Technically yes but it can lead to unexpected results, so we don't recommend it
So Is there any way to delete the extension record and deploy again?
One more thing, on the “active extensions” it always shows 1.0.0 instead of latest version
Yes, it is technically possible to delete extension and activation records, but, again, we don't recommend it
As for the active extension thing, well my guess is that you've done something wrong (sorry). Either you've not activated the right extension or your extension has the wrong metadata
If you incremented the version when you deployed you also have to check the “update” box when activating to use the latest
I just remembered the days of Reference Shopping, Checkout, and MyAccount where in you just simply copy and paste your codes in the browser. It's cool to think that there trending tools to use but do we really solve the problems we are trying to solve or we just loose simplcity over complexity? Just my 2 cents