NetSuite running incredibly slow for us, any one e...
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NetSuite running incredibly slow for us, any one else having issues?
The handful of accounts I've just logged in to seem as slow as usual for me.
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Have you ever had any luck solving performance problems with NetSuite support? We're given the excuse of it will improve after the 'first load of the operations needs to be cached'
No. I don't hate NetSuite, so don't get me wrong, but it's anything but fast and I've yet to speak to anyone that says it is for them.
I have had issues resolved in the past - but generally it's because of custom scripts running on the account.
We're also having huge performance problems since a couple of days... Any updates on this issue?
I do hate netsuite, sadly that's never helped it go faster. It knows its servers are outside of my cluebat's range... damn cloud services
@KevinJ of Kansas Even if you're literally sat next to the data centre, NS is slow. I've watched transactions take 40 seconds to load where 98% of the load time was on the server, not on scripts.
I've just waited over 80 seconds to get a list of sales orders Transactions>Sales>Enter Sales Orders>List
I do not understand why that has to be so slow? It's paginated, so it's not like they have to load all of the orders in the system. The performance of NS is a total shit show. I saw a job ad on Linkedin for a Java performance expert so tackle 'known and unknown performance issues' so at least they are aware... 🤷‍♂️
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It could be things you are displaying in your list of sales orders impacting that. Had a client one time with a custom formula field in their account that required a very expensive saved search - changed a couple criteria to make it simpler to run and drastically improved their results
In general - avoid non stored value fields dependent on other records. Avoid saved search fields. Avoid scripts/workflows unless necessary. NS isn't blazing fast, but those times are above what I normally see.
Also - there are instances where number of lines has a very negative impact on performance on transactions