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Amanda Morton

04/20/2022, 8:31 PM
Anyone having issues with cc'd recipients not receiving emails from netsuite when sending from a transaction? UPDATE: logged urgent issue with netsuite and replicated with their support rep. Highly recommend verifying this is not happening to you!!!! see my reply in this thread to understand better FINAL UPDATE: This was deemed a defect and resolved early this morning. I tested and confirmed this to be the case, but wow. Very awful bug!!! No idea when this started and thus the true impact
I highly recommend running a quick test! see if you receive an email if you use CC from customer or transaction record...all appears normal except it does not send to either primary recipient or anyone for that matter! only when CC is used...if additional recipients use "TO" or "BCC" then it works. This exists across all customers...and we dont have a clue how long its been happening because for all logging purposes in netsuite, there is no delivery failure, it logs under messages as intended, etc. no errors! but confirmed and replicated multiple times with netsuite support today and they are investigating from here. very bad scenario to look out for!

S. T.

04/21/2022, 1:24 AM
Wow thanks for the heads up!
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04/22/2022, 4:01 PM
@Amanda Morton This was a MASSIVE issue, and your post did not receive the attention it deserved. My gut says hundreds if not thousands of companies were impacted by this without even noticing. Thank you for trying to warn us!
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Amanda Morton

04/22/2022, 5:30 PM
You are welcome!! This is now resolved as of this morning but I agree...still don't know what exactly the issue was and when it started since there are no error logs visible on our end. And also if this was indeed impacting other companies but one of our sister entities in australia appeared to have noticed the same issue but was actually told the issue was stemming from our email server and not on their end. so this is very interesting and I am so curious to understand more