We have a use case where we enter a lot of sales o...
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We have a use case where we enter a lot of sales orders for $0 sale price - (Essentially we are just doing this to sell materials to the job eg capture COGS on a project) — However Netsuite still wants us to create an invoice for the sales order even though the total is $0. Is there any way to bypass the invoice step? I noticed we can select “Close Order” but does anyone know what the implications of closing the sales order are?
No negative ramifications for closing the sales order in this case.
In fact, that'd probably be what I recommend doing.
It will use less transaction lines in your account.
Why don't you just create straight invoices?
@michoel An invoice doesn’t relieve inventory afaik
A standalone invoice would relieve inventory
but it wouldn't trigger the need to perform a fulfillment - so it would depend on whether you are telling someone "go do inventory" or just recording it coming out of inventory later.
Closing the sales order is fine This can be achieved with a scheduled workflow if you want to avoid scripting If you do want to just create the invoice use billing operations to do this. It’s a standard feature that is very robust