How does one find out which datacenter they are on...
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How does one find out which datacenter they are on?
@Angela Simon I don't know the official way but you can see it if you go to Setup > Traffic Health you can see the data center in the URL's
Thanks - I went to Setup -> Company -> Traffic Health and I see a button to Generate Report. Do I press that @Morris?
Angela, my understanding is the only way to learn your data center is by asking NetSuite directly. I don't believe the Traffic Health page would give you this info, as it's providing info about old setup.
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@Angela Simon yes generate the report and you will see the data center code in the host name
a <- Does that mean anything to you 🙂
Generate Report. First I have seen of this report but we use REST a lot so it's helpful. I have asked Netsuite to put the data center name (not as it require looking up the name in another document or just put it in the status page.

shows the different datacenters to the center name in the status page.
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This are doing away with data center location ids but still confuse us by keeping us having to remember on the status page. Shopify fixed this by having a login on the status page so you don't need to see what doesn't apply to you.