<@U2KQ96VUN> Just want to clarify before I answer ...
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@J-Mack Just want to clarify before I answer your question. If you check that problematic item in its item record, is there a quantity on hand and quantity committed in the location you are fulfilling/shipping? If the answer is yes, when you try to reallocate those quantities to the partially fulfilled SO line, the system won't allow you because the checkbox is greyed out? Are the items Lot Numbered, Serialized or using Bins by any chance? In some weird cases NetSuite encounters some commit quantity sync issues and somehow even if there is enough quantity available it isn't committing. What I usually do as a quick fix is I trigger an inventory adjustment to increase the quantity on hand and available just enough for you to fulfill the remaining quantities and then once you have created the fulfillment, I simply delete the positive inventory adjustment. FYI - it might not be the same case as mine and sometimes the solution wouldn't address the issue. It might turn out to be a defect which I hope is not.