Yeah I guess I was just trying to be overprotectiv...
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Yeah I guess I was just trying to be overprotective, but you're right, what can ya do with a bundle num... Anywho, what's strange is that some are from bundles, some are from different bundles and some aren't even from bundles at all
Have essentially the same thing (same date/similar time) in one of my accounts following NetSuite System Maintenance the date prior
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Seeing the same thing in 3 other accounts, so I would guess it's somehow related to the hardware maintenance they did
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Oh yeah I was hoping they would all be same bundle and it just updated, must have been an NS patch, not sure why it would need to modify every workflow though.
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Yeah - looks like we got a maintenance update one day before that, so it's gotta be related. Thanks @Erik and @Sandii!
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