Has anyone used Site Builder -Web Store - to creat...
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Has anyone used Site Builder -Web Store - to create a "better" Customer Center? Showing pictures and related items, etc. what has been the main challenges?
Depending on your aims, the best option is probably to use an SSP application and a custom touchpoint. I've built entirely custom functionality on a couple of our sites that way. With SSP and jQuery, you can access and publish pretty much any information fairly easily.
yes, i've used ssp before, if you play around with it you can build highly customized pages.. @Dominic B would you know if ssp is also affected by depreciation of data center specific domain? wondering if the files are acessed directly like https://secure.netsuite.com/c.XXXX/index.ssp i used to access ssp pages like that
Access is via http(s):<//www.yourdomain.com/sspname/index.ssp> or https://XXXXXXX.secure.netsuite.com/c.XXXXXXX/sspname/index.ssp depending on the context and what data you're accessing.