Anyone use the Budget Exchange Rates (I assume thi...
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Anyone use the Budget Exchange Rates (I assume this is a One World feature)? Do you update you or exchange rates manually every year or do you let NetSuite derive them? We are finding there is a discrepancy in our budget setting process and the NS exchange rates and I don't know if we were supposed to update them pre-FY2020 or not. Just curious what others do! Thank you!
This is important to me. Budget is an Advanced financials feature and budget exchange rates is probably OneWorld.
the budgeted exchange rate is supposed to be one set number for the whole year
The budget exchange rates are initially populated based on consolidated exchange rates. If there are changes to the consolidated exchange rates or you just want to edit the budget exchange rates for other reasons, you may export the consolidated exchange rates and then import them as budget exchange rates or just edit manually the rates on the UI. Sometimes we do edit the budget rates depending on the circumstances.