I am manually checking and unchecking the checkbox...
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I am manually checking and unchecking the checkbox to remove it from the SS list and add it back, but no email is being triggered. It is marked manually
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Any recipients on the recent bounce list?
if anyone has had a bounce, NS will straight up not send the email
I am refreshing the SS results and can clearly see the transaction being removed and readded as I modify the transaction.
Nope, if I set a scheduled email alert, it send perfectly fine.
Right. Can you share a screenshot of the page where you tell it to send on record update?
Any reason you can't use a workflow to do your email instead of a saved search?
To be completely honest, I would take this functionality and move it to a workflow or something specifically on the record. Saved searches set to email on create/update are annoying to track down (in the future) and most of the time unecessary.
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Wow, ok, the emp was listed on specific recipients, but send on update was not set to T.
I set to T, and that fixed the issue.
@Sandii I agree with you! SS Alerts can be more difficult to keep track of and manage, thanks!
You can also have fun times if something is happening aftersubmit too.
@KevinJ of Kansas thanks for the help! I could definitely see that being an issue. I will offer that advice to the client!