I know fields sourced from saved search can't be a...
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I know fields sourced from saved search can't be accessed in another saved search, but is there any bypass that can make this possible ?
You can script or workflow pushing them into another (stored value) field instead
Hi @KevinJ of Kansas. If I may butt in, I have a similar problem and I was told to use a saved search schedule in a WF to update automatically the 2nd field's (stored value) value. Is that what you mean by using a WF here? We want to avoid manually updating the records just to update the 2nd field's value. Thanks!
Correct me if I am wrong , this can work, but will this useful ? as purpose of saved search sourced field (dynamic values )will be failed. If we use this value in another field and store value, the value will turn static. And in further saved search on those (stored value) fields it will be same. For reference I am counting Number of sales order made for particular item. and counting other things that will change obviously.
You use a scheduled workflow or script to push the value. - that keeps the value (roughly) up to date.
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If you need it to be nearly immediately up to date - you could do a user event on any transactions that you want to impact the count to trigger the scheduled script. Just note that this could be problematic at best from a user experience standpoint