06/05/2017, 10:31 AM
Hello all. This will be a bit of a long request, but really hoping someone can provide some assistance. We provide computer repairs for a certain fruit company. We will order and provide parts both as stock (with a cost) and under warranty (where parts are supplied to us at no cost). Parts are not serialised, so to handle this at the moment, we duplicate each item so that we can specify the actual costs against each job. We’re looking for a better way to handle this. I’d like to find a solution where we can specify the item cost on a per item fulfilment basis. Ideally we would like to carry stock of certain parts (where we have purchased at stock price) but allocate to a warranty repair, without the COGS allocation to that repair invoice. The stock will get automatically replenished with a warranty part (with $0 cost) that will be put into stock. So the accounting will reconcile, but we also need to track GP on a repair basis. Anyone have any ideas?