10/27/2016, 11:35 PM
I asked this over in #administration , thought I'd try over here : Sorry if this has already been asked but I couldn't find anything similar here or in SuiteAnswers. I've been asked to configure a report to list all projects with their subprojects rolled up beneath them. The report needs list total project costs when collapsed and for each subproject when expanded. eg: - Master Project A $5,000 Subproject 1 $1,000 Subproject 2 $2,000 Subproject 3 $2,000 The canned Project Cost Budget vs. Actual report is close but it lists every project (master/parent and sub project) on each line. Master Project A $5,000 Master Project A : Subproject 1 $1,000 Master Project A : Subproject 2 $2,000 Master Project A : Subproject 3 $2,000 Any suggestions on how to modify it or create a new report to get what they need? Thanks!