05/10/2022, 12:49 PM
Trying to do a search and I want to get the sum of pending SO up to the next required by date (i have 1pcs overdue, 1pcs due next week, 1pcs due in 2 weeks, i want to see 2pcs as my result) this is where i am, i don't think i can get the information the way i am trying to do it unless i'm missing something simple: case when {type} = 'Sales Order' and {requesteddate} <= min(case when {type} = 'Sales Order' and {requesteddate} > {today} then {requesteddate} end) then nvl({quantity},0)-nvl({quantityshiprecv},0) else 0 end I know that since I am getting min(next request date) I need to do some kind of summary on the first case as well which i don't want to do. am i totally on the wrong track?

Pete Kastner

05/10/2022, 2:02 PM
use the group summary?