NS Admin

05/09/2022, 8:34 PM
My CEO has asked me to dig and see if there is a way that we can extend SuiteCommerce to include pages that Sales / Support can capture information. For example, when people come and check the status of the order, Support wants a button that pops up a form that writes data to a custom record. I'm pretty confident that can be done. However, they want that to be configurable. 4 fields now. 'n' fields later. Some customers see 'x' form, others see 'y' form. Our CEO said that he has seen multiple SuiteWorld presentations where they showed Drag and Drop website page builders...."so this shouldnt be hard" 🙂 Any tips / Libraries / Extensions anyone know of?

Bryce Krah

05/10/2022, 1:59 PM
It can definitely be done, but you’ll need a developer.