What is the process of connecting a label printer ...
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What is the process of connecting a label printer to NetSuite? Is there one or is it a matter of the end user selecting the print option and finding the local label printer to print to?
If I'm not mistaken you would have to create a batch file so that specific file type would be opened by the batch file and therefore printed. I could be wrong on this though.
What type of label are you trying to print? We are printing QR codes for our items and have label printers hooked up and all we do is select the label printer. As long as the format of the label you are printing matches the size of the label. We customized a PDF template to print our labels to the specific size. Hope this helps
Assuming you are printing UPS/Fedex labels, you can follow Suite asnwer 9294 for the required configuration of label printer
Try Summit IT is label printing suite app, excellent product will handle all your labeling needs, supports all label printers