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Mike Robbins

04/14/2022, 3:02 PM
I'm using the CLI to test deploy (--dryrun) a scheduled script and receiving "This event recurrence is invalid because its end-by date is before its start date". I used WebStorm to import this script from and sandbox environment and I'm performing the dryrun deployment to the same environment and receiving this message. This was a straight import from the sandbox and try to deploy to the sandbox with no modifications. Anyone know what would be causing this message? The
section of my XML file looks like this:
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<scriptdeployment scriptid="customdeploy4">
      <custscript_coupa_int_email_recipients>, <|></custscript_coupa_int_email_recipients>
      <title>Coupa - Manage Integration Reminders - 3a, 9a, 3p, 9p</title>

Selcuk Dogru

04/19/2022, 9:28 AM
try adding empty child enddate under the daily tag