Can a BIN be created for inventory that is under ...
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Can a BIN be created for inventory that is under review and should not be counted or considered for Assemblies or use. Basically we want to make a Material Review Board BIN to place items that need to be quarantined, but still locate them within NetSuite, but have them not be apart of inventory.
You could look at a virtual location and or inventory status to make those items not available, my understanding is you can't make a bins inventory not available in core Netsuite. If you do not have inventory status turned on beware you cant turn it off when you do turn it on.
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correct, Bin's do not effect availability. We use Inventory Status. But a virtual location would also work.
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Yes we have had to make an MRB location for our warehouse that holds all our questionable material and that is where all our returns go to. I saw a presentation where someone used Sales Channels and Order reservations to circumvent the virtual location issue once but I didn't fully understand it so not sure it could apply to this
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