oh gosh i just read the horrors of the old vs the ...
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oh gosh i just read the horrors of the old vs the New dataset and no mapping documentation. I really dont need this. Along this line is there a way to get a connection using JDBC and not use username and passwd? I saw the token based option and the Cert options.. was just wondering if there is a way around maintaining the user account it is connected to for password retention? The head admin is sick of managing the account. Help!! if you can, I would appreciate it dearly.
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@KevinC. We use SuiteConnect a lot... still in the old dataset... Is it really that bad the migration to the new dataset? 😨
I think they exaggerate the issue.. they just don't have any mapping documentation so they are in a tizzy of having to do it.
Tactical connect is a suiteapp alternative that runs off saved searches. So you don't have to worry about such changes. Its faster too. I'd check it out. www.tacticalconnect.com