I have a saved search that shows all items and amo...
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I have a saved search that shows all items and amounts for a particular vendor. This vendor bills both our USD subsidiary and CAD subsidiary but always in USD. When I run the report the USD amounts for the US subsidiary match exactly with what is in the Vendor invoice but for the Canada subsidiary it is off by a small fraction - and definitely not the currency conversion. The odder part is that the amounts are sometimes higher or sometimes lower than what is in the transaction. For example - on one invoice entered Feb 28 for USD 180 the report is showing it as USD 180.79. In an invoice entered March 17 for the same amount - USD 180 - the search is showing it as 179.61. My criteria is pretty simple: Type is Vendor Invoice Name is vendor name Results are: Document number Item Amount I have the Consolidated Exchange Rate sent to Per Account. Any ideas?
what's happening is you are getting an invoice in USD for your CAD subsidiary. You are putting that in at a particular exchange rate. This is stored in Netsuite at the CAD amount. Then, when you are running your report, it is translating this CAD amount live to the USD (consolidated) amount using the consolidated exchange rate for the period (it's not clear whether your report is on balance sheet, which would be current, or P&L, which would be average - probably it's a mix). This rate is almost certainly different to the exchange rate of the transaction, hence the difference For any item that hits the balance sheet, then you'll get "moving" results. When you specify the criteria of the search, Netsuite will take a guess at the consolidated exchange rate to use for the whole report (I think this is based on the last period it can find entries for) and convert everything at that rate, mirroring how consolidation works. The effect of this is that the same transaction will have a different amount when you run it with the context of Jan 2022 compared to Feb 2022.
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