Just to make sure I'm not missing it, there's stil...
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Just to make sure I'm not missing it, there's still no concept of a Left Outer join in Saved Searches, correct? My use case is that I want to see account balances of all child customers under a parent customer. Starting with a Customer search, it's easy enough to link to transactions and summarize, but that excludes the couple subcustomers that have never had any activity. Anyone know a way around this?
Well, all "joins" are left outer joins - right up until you put a criteria on your joined to record.
once you do that it effectively becomes something like an inner join - but it's not a true inner join.
It still treats the result set as a left outer join in terms of multiplying rows - it just doesn't include any records that don't have the joined to rocords.
To get a true inner join, you have to do case statement criteria where recordA.field = recordB.field
Though, that's really only necessary if you are joining to multiple records - i.e. from the item to inventory detail and from the item to the location
THIS IS REALLY GOOD INFO @KevinJ of Kansas Thanks for sharing!
I guess maybe the more direct question would be if there's any way to have a Customer search containing fields from the Transaction join show all subcustomers, even if they have no transaction activity.
While still having criteria from the Transactions join
Not that I'm aware of without a 3rd party for stitching the data together
Rsm has something for that and there's a tool out there that I'm blanking on its name