Has anyone noticed that the Last Modified Date of ...
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Has anyone noticed that the Last Modified Date of Quotes (Estimates) gets updated whenever the related Opportunity is updated in some way? I have tested this with very simple custom field modifications on the Opportunity, and it always resulted in the Last Modified Date timestamp on all related Quotes (Estimates) to be also modified without any actual changes to the Quotes. I have gone through all our custom scripts, and workflows and have not found any customization which is causing this. Does anyone know why NetSuite would have this functionality or any other ideas as to what is causing this?
Isn't it essentially the same record on the backend? My understanding was that the quote was literally the same record as the opportunity, just with more fields exposed.
It's a separate record in the backend database, and you can have multiple quotes on the same Opportunity, and you can change all the fields on the quotes separate from the opportunity. They are separate records, they are just linked and it seems like there is some built in functionality that i'm trying to figure out the purpose of that modified date change on quotes as it is causing usability issues for our users as well as integration issues.
We're about to introduce Opportunity Management so thanks for the heads up. We'll see if we have the same issue.