sheesh.. lots of good questions here.. i have anot...
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sheesh.. lots of good questions here.. i have another. We are using Fedex integrated shipping labels.. everything works ok except when the user selects declared value and prints to a ZPL thermal printer the zpl has no insurance info and will not print the doc tab even though it is selected in the shipping settings. i barely have NS support so they are not helping. but they are directing me to change the location of the doc tab and orientation 😐. and I am at a dead end..
The Doc Tab and label orientation is at the bottom of the FedEx Page when you go into your account in Netsuite. Not sure if that's what you are asking?
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hi.. yes i researched it and have a case with NetSuite but they are still wondering if it is an urgent request in order to assist me with the basic service. IT is good we also have a ship manager station that has the ability to print labels with the doctab showing. I finally got orientation and the location selected so that it corresponds with the ship station printout.. the doc tab data just doesn't show on the label or is visible in the .zpl print file. According to fedex people if it isn't printing NS is not sending it through the API. this is the part i am battling with because it is a fedex integration from NS so there is no code log or script to audit what is being sent. I will update here when I find out what NetSuite is going to say.
So an update.. There is a bug fix case that has been created.. they are still investigating.. it will probably be in a later E-fix once they have determined the root case and can supply a solution.