Jack R

03/30/2022, 9:43 PM
I have a user event script with an afterSubmit function with which I am trying to update the “custcol_sps_upc” line field with the UPC from the item record. (works in UI hand entering / also fires on SOAP WS import by sps) The SO immediately comes in with the actual item and no UPC. But when my function fires on SPS import I’m only seeing the SPS Dummy / Error Item going onto the SO. A while back heard that the SPS integration to NS imports the SPS error / Dummy item every time then some other routine updates it to the actual item. Anyone know a path / entry point to get UPC on the line level here?


03/30/2022, 10:29 PM
I would start with the Scripted Record and look at the order of execution. Also check the line level system notes to see how the item is getting set (e.g. an update from Soap)

Eric B

03/30/2022, 11:31 PM
Dummy item on the SO line indicates that SPS Commerce is unable to find a match in their Cross Reference table.