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04/11/2022, 11:31 AM
Hi everyone, @battk @NElliott @NS Expert @NS Admin @michoel I have a search on Revenue Element record, where i try to grab sourceTransaction.recordType in search column. The search when run in the UI, give me results as expected (salesorder, returnauthorization, and so on). But the same search filters and column used within MR script getInputData stage and accessed within Map stage , always returns me 'revenuelement'. Note: 'type' column in the search give me proper result 'SalesOrd'/'Sales Order' whereas only the 'recordtype' column gives me wring value as 'revenueelement'. Someone please guide me through this issue and a resolution.
Thank you for NO Replies. Though this issue is weirdo...I managed to get the 'recordtype' column value within a FORMULA TEXT. In which case, the value appears to be correct, though the 'recortype' column itself returned an incorrect value. FORMULATEXT was the alternative i used here, May be useful for someone who phase similar issue.

NS Admin

04/12/2022, 8:23 PM
@SMNCP I dont check NetSuite Pros everyday. This is an open source community where we help when we are free. If you need real-time turn arounds, I'd recommend setting up a contract with the many people who offer that or NetSuite direct. 🙂


04/19/2022, 3:28 PM
I was on vacation last week, apologies for the inconvenience 🤷‍♂️