I vaguely recall a NS help page that showed a tabl...
# suitescript
I vaguely recall a NS help page that showed a table of the support authentication mechanisms for SOAP/suitelets/restlets - but I cant find it any more. Specifically, I thought that table included TBA as supported for Suitelets? Anyone remember the table I'm thinking of and have a link? I found one that doesn't say anything about Suitelets, but there used to be on that included it
there is none for suitelets
you can authenticate the same way the ui does, which is a JSESSIONID cookie
bummer, I was hoping suitelets would allow TBA but I guess not.
Why not use a restlet?
I do use restlets the vast majority of the time; been so long since I needed a data suitelet that I thought they supported TBA as well
the main motivation for a data suietlet is one of • must be able to run without login for some reason • needs to run with a different role than the caller
neither of those are possible with a RESTlet AFAIK. Otherwise, RESTlet 100%