I'm evaluating a script in our account that was wr...
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I'm evaluating a script in our account that was written by NetSuite during our implementation. One of the values used in the script is assigned by a Script Parameter in the UI. Having not worked with the UI parameter fields, I'm unclear of how NetSuite selects the correct parameter's value. The script parameter is a List/Record type where there are 7 possible options in the list to choose from. While the script appears to select the correct option every time it runs, I'm confused as how the script knew which of the 7 options was correct. I don't see any isolation that rules out the other options. Can anyone fill me in?
The value passed in is specified on the deployment, which is under the Deployments subtab in your screenshot there
If it's not specified there, then whatever script called the Map/Reduce passed a specific parameter value in
That's it. Thanks!