# accounting


03/28/2022, 9:46 PM
Hi, how can I unapply a vendor bill payment? We have Concur vendor bills that need to be paid but our connector is turned off so we are thinking to create dummy vendor bills with single lines and pay them, then later on somehow unapply the vendor bill payment and apply it to the actual vendor bills when they have come through from Concur. Any suggestions on a cleaner method for this? It seems that we cannot unapply an existing Bill Payment...

KevinJ of Kansas

03/28/2022, 9:55 PM
Short version is you cant
Longer version - what you are describing is a vendor prepayment transaction
However, I doubt they would work with Concur transactions, but it's worth a shot
Typically what I've done as a work around - is record the dummy vendor bill to an account - and then write a credit memo to the same account. - Then when the real bill comes in, you just apply the vendor credit.


03/28/2022, 10:01 PM
@KevinJ of Kansas thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately we do not have vendor prepayments turned on