# random


04/16/2022, 5:45 PM
I started w/ c++ and java and now am here doing netsuite. From my experience, I don't know a single person that ever said "I'd love to be a netsuite dev when I get out of school!" or "I am studying to be a netsuite dev". I think some schools do have ERP programs though now right? I think that was a thing for a bit. Typically you fall into it via a company that hired you because you can do some javascript or adopts NetSuite and you are suckered into doing the dev. You can throw a rock and hit an angular/react/vue dev. The same is not true about netsuite dev. Its a nice highly paid niche market. I can't stand netsuite development (in that its not really new tech, erp is kinda boring and its just the same thing over and over a lot of times). I only do it bc it pays well compared to other dev jobs.

Shawn Talbert

04/18/2022, 3:49 PM
sounds like you just need to innovate a bit in the NS space 🙂