02/20/2018, 8:39 PM
Can someone help me figure out how to get the Eclipse IDE to work properly with a Debug configuration so I can use breakpoints, step in, step out, etc. I have a simple script to test with:
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function beforeLoad()

		nlapiLogExecution('debug', 'x------BEFORE LOAD------x', 'x----------------------x');
		current_so_internal_id= nlapiGetRecordId();
		var current_user= nlapiGetUser();
		nlapiLogExecution('debug', 'Current User:' + current_user, 'Current Sales Order Internal ID:'+current_so_internal_id);
This file is uploaded and script deployed as 'testing' and i can see the execution logs in the UI. Now i just want to debug in Eclipse. I setup the Debug configuration correctly as 'SuiteScript Project' and it points to the folder location of the file. I even put breakpoints. But running it always gives the error: No valide breakpoints found. I think most likely something is wrong in my debug configuration.