02/20/2018, 8:18 PM
@alien4u I don't need to add new addresses. For the purposes of blind/drop shipping, I need to check that: 1- the shipping and billing address is not the same (easy) 2. if the two addresses are different, check the following value from the customer record: nlapiGetLineItemValue('addressbook', 'custpage_ava_entityusecode', linenum); - this is custom field added from installation of a bundle which implements special tax rules. 3. if there is a new address being added inside the checkout application of our SCA webstore, I need to check that it is infact a new address (something which is not already inside the customer record, then determine if I need to set a specific value for the addressbook object field custpage_ava_entityusecode -(for the said purpose of drop shipping /tax rules which my business has to follow